Active Shooter Defense Seminar coming up on February 24th

 in Hendersonville - Hendersonville Martial Arts

We are very excited to announce our upcoming Active Shooter Defense Seminar on Saturday February 24th at 2 pm.

Unfortunately, active shooter events are happening more and more often.

Our goal with this training is to teach you the tactics you need to prepare you and your family for an active shooter. The practicality of Krav Maga makes it easy to adapt to this devastating type of attack.

In this Active Shooter Course, you will effectively Learn:

-Techniques to avoid this type of attack altogether
-Keep distance between you and the attacker
-Help your family get out
-Create tactical barriers
-Be aggressive and learn the principles of Krav Maga
-Act aggressively and eliminate the threat
-Know what to do!

$29 limited space available-sign up now!

Register Here:
or give us a call 615-265-8544

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