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In our Kids Karate classes we have been talking about RESPECT.  Last week we talked about a very important component of this and that is "Self-Respect."  This ties into another very important principle we emphasize in our classes and that is Confidence.  We want our students to have that inner belief in themselves that they know they can do whatever they put their mind to.  A foundation for that mindset is the way that we talk about ourselves.  We all experience moments of self-doubt and need to fight the urge to put ourselves down at times.  We talked about a Rembrandt painting that sold for over a million dollars.  Why?  Because it is unique and one of a kind.  Even more so, we shared how each and everyone of our students is unique.  Out of all the people who have been and ever will be born, there never will be another person like them.  We believe that each one of them was created with a plan and a purpose that only they can fulfill.  So that is a big reason we should all carry our selves with an attitude of Self-Respect.  Let's team up to encourage our kids to Respect everyone around them including themselves.  

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