We are hosting a Weapons Defense Seminar on Saturday October 10th

 in Hendersonville - Hendersonville Martial Arts

During this action packed seminar, you will be introduced to the essential principles and techniques required to effectively defend against threats from firearms, edged weapons , sticks and clubs. This is open to both our Krav Maga students (all ranks) as well as the general public. This will be taught by Richard Swords who is one of the highest ranking Instructors in the southeast. In addition to running one of the most successful Krav Maga programs in the county, Mr. Swords is responsible for training and certifying Instructors all across the nation. The price is $69.99 for the general public.  We are also offering a significant discount for those who work and volunteer in Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue.  Folks in those fields can attend for just $49.99.  You can sign up at our reception desk or online using the following link: 

Online Registration

We hope to see you at this action packed and informative event.  Thanks!

Justin Swanson


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