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Hendersonville Martial Arts exists to better the lives of people through the Martial Arts. Whether you are looking for more fitness, self defense, focus or confidence, Hendersonville Martial Arts is here to help you or your child better yourself through goal setting and achievement. Our instructors are world class. We believe training should never stop and so we travel all over the country to train with the best Instructors in the Industry. Our teachers are also all certified Instructors with the training and experience to run specialized classes tailored for both children and adults.

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Our family has been part of HMA for close to 3 years. Through the kids karate program my son and daughter have gained an appreciation for practice and discipline, and increased confidence in their strength and ability. I have personally experienced an increase in athleticism beyond what I imagined possible through Krav Maga self defense training. Sensei Swanson and Mr. Tutt are not only experienced, decorated and talented instructors, but perhaps most importantly they obviously love what they do. They are encouraging, personable, caring and dedicated to their students. I love that the focus of our training goes beyond the physical, and that both kids and adults are encouraged and expected to exhibit all character traits of a true "black belt" both inside and outside of the dojo: modesty, courtesy, self control, perseverance, respect, integrity, and an indomitable spirit. I highly recommend HMA as an effective and safe training environment for people of all ages, at all skill levels.

Hendersonville Martial Arts Susan G.

Susan G.

Our son began with HMA in April of 2016 and we have seen nothing but improvement in all aspects that the classes touch on. We are even seeing improvements at home at at school. Our son loves class and is engaged and ready to learn the second he hits the mat. Great instructors and staff.

Hendersonville Martial Arts Tana B.

Tana B.

My wife and I have been taking Krav Maga since late October of 2014. We chose HMA because I was looking for a Martial Arts program that was led by a family with a Christian background. I was immediately impressed because Justin Swanson, the owner, answered my email immediately. The group in our Krav class has become family. Their is a genuine feeling of belonging on your first visit. If you are looking for a quality program, led by quality people, with a core group of fellow students who want to see you succeed, then HMA is the place to attend. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

Hendersonville Martial Arts Kevin J.

Kevin J.

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